Atlantic Clinic aims to bring together the best English-speaking doctors, specialists and other health professionals on the Costa del Sol under one roof.

Atlantic Clinic - General Practitioners

General Practitioners

Your GP or Family Doctor is the first point of contact for most medical problems. He or she can also deal with minor surgery, joint infiltrations, freezing of skin lesions, vaccinations, child development screening, cervical smears, contraception…

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Atlantic Clinic - Laboratory


We offer a complete range of more than 5,000 types of analysis in blood, urine, stool, biopsies, cervical smears etc. That is just about any test that is available in Spain. We carry out checkups, hormone testing, pregnancy, sexual health screening…

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Aesthetic treatments

At Atlantic Clinic we offer a variety of aesthetic treatments including neuromodulator to treat the appearance of wrinkles, hyper-sweating and ‘gummy smile’, microneedling that improves the appearance of acne scars, keloids, hair growth, and skin complexion and PRP…

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Atlantic Clinic - Physiotherapy / Chiropracter


Physiotherapists help to rehabilitate and restore function, mobility and quality of life following some impairment due to injury, after an operation or due to disease. They commonly treat sports injuries, back pain, recovery after fractures and orthopedic surgery, and stroke rehabilitation…

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Atlantic Clinic - Psychotherapy


Psychologists focus on emotional or mental health problems and help you to deal with such issues in a constructive and supportive way. They do not prescribe medication…

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