We live as long as our inner organs are functioning. We can move as long the bones, ligaments and muscles are functioning. The visceral system is often the root cause of joint complaints tension and pain. Tensions from organs often transfer to muscular structures via anatomical connections.

Visceral Therapy is a holistic treatment method focused on the interconnection between the musculoskeletal system and the internal organs. The musculoskeletal interactions directly determine the position of the organs in the body, and, reciprocally, the internal organs have a strong effect on the health of the spine, pelvis, ribs, shoulder girdle, muscles and fascia.

Poor posture, scoliosis, surgery, inflammation of tissues and organs, malnutrition or emotional stress can easily cause dysfunction of various organs. Therefore strained organs build up tension that is transferred to the musculoskeletal system. For example, inflammation of the bladder or constipation may lead to problems with the hip joint or lower back.

Since the symptom often occurs in a joint or muscle group, patients do not suspect the cause in their visceral system. Even if there is no complaints about digestion and organ functions the movement of the whole system can be restricted and create tension.
If the visceral System cannot move properly, it can affect general range of motion of your body both in quantity and quality.
The combination of Physical Therapy and Visceral Treatment has proven to be an excellent method for sustainable improvement of Symptoms.

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Manuel Still, Physical Therapist

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Post by: Atlantic Clinic on 27 Nov 2022