We know that this virus will not stop on its own and to date we also have no vaccine to immunize the population against the coronavirus. We can only count on the measures taken by the authorities to put an end to this epidemic and help, on our scale, to prevent infected people from transmitting the virus to those around them.

This means that the same measures should be followed as with any respiratory virus (cold, flu, etc.) but, this time, with a little more application and dedication:

– Avoid shaking hands or kissing everyone to say hello: of course, it is difficult to implement at first, but … this will avoid many infections!

– Wash your hands regularly and thoroughly.

– Cough in the hollow of your elbow or, better yet, in a tissue (which you will throw before washing your hands).

– Avoid as much as possible closed public places (shopping centers) and ventilate your home regularly if someone is sick.

– Avoid visiting fragile people (the elderly, young children, asthma sufferers, etc.) if you are sick: this will prevent contagion and put you in a delicate situation for your health.  

If your initial cold worsens in an unusual way (no clinical improvement after a few days, persistence of fever for more than 3 days, respiratory distress….): Consult your doctor without delay. Ideally, move with a paper mask to avoid infecting more people until the diagnosis is confirmed (flu or other).

Bérénice Ibarra Ottino

Categories: COVID-19
Post by: Atlantic Clinic on 07 Feb 2020